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Course Curriculum

The Cryptocurrency Development Specialist Certification is an up-to-date course designed to provide the you with the essential knowledge needed to understand Blockchain Technology, Cyrptocurrency, and the wealth-building opportunities that exist in the industry.

101: Unique Capabilities of Cryptocurrency

Overview of the innovative uses and implication of cryptocurrency.

  • The new way to register and share value

  • Cryptocurreny in 3rd world countries

  • Global Industries currently being changed by cryptocurrency

  • Cryptocurrency in ​Developing Countries

102: History of Money

Learn the origin, history, and cause of money in societies.

  • The first documented history of money.

  • 10 Commercial Maxims.

  • ​Global commerce and the evolving role of money.

103: Overview of Monetary Systems

Introduction to the many forms of money systems in the world.

  • Trade & Barter systems.

  • Community money systems.

  • Central Banking systems.

  • Alt Coins and Digital Currencies.

104: How Value is Created and Assessed

Learn the basics of value, how it is created, and assessed.

  • Value is in the eye of the beholder.

  • Types of Value.

  • Standard Valuation Methods.

105: Blockchain Basics

Intro to the technology which makes cryptocurrency possible.

  • Accounting 101

  • Decentralized Systems

  • Immutable Records

  • Trusted Ledgers

106: Cryptocurrency Basics

Gain the knowledge needed to understand the ins and outs of cryptocurrency.

  • Cryptocurrency as a store of value.

  • Crytptocurrency as a tool to promote group economics.

  • Bitcoin: The First cryptocurrency.

  • Pros & Cons of Bitcoin.

  • Digital Tools to buy and store cryptocurrency.

107: Types of Cryptocurrency

Learn about the different types of cryptocurrencies that exist.​

  • Coins vs. Tokens

  • Speculative cryptocurrencies

  • Utility Tokens​

  • Security Token

  • Stable-Coins

  • Hopstox "Asset-Backed" Stable-Coin

108: Economic Impact of Cryptocurrency

Let's take a look at the impact Cryptocurrency is having on industries.

  • Financial Market disruption

  • Real Estate Market disruption

  • Digital Media Market disruption

  • Disruption in other Markets

  • Wealth Distribution 

  • From "Lack" to "Abundance"

109: Global Impact of Cryptocurrency's

Let's take a look at the impact Cryptocurrency is having on various countries.

  • Word Powers reaction to Cryptocurrency.

  • Developing Countries and Cryptocurrency.

  • America's Love with Cryptocurrency

  • Middle Eastern Cryptocurrency developments.

  • Africa Cryptocurrency Developments

  • Asia Cryptocurrency Developments

110: Cryptocurrency for Techies

Overview of the technology involved with most cryptocurrencies.

  • Smart Contract Basics

  • Anatomy of Blockchain Development

  • (Dapp) Decentralized Application Development

  • Cryptocurrency Development Tools

111: Investing in Cryptocurrency

Gain the knowledge needed to begin investing in cryptocurrency. 

  • The "Value" of cryptocurrency.

  • Understanding the business model of the issuer.

  • Overview of the "types of cryptocurrencies"

  • When to "Get in."​

112: Poverty Prevention with Cryptocurrency

Learn how cryptocurrency can be used to end poverty.

  • Scarcity vs Abundance. 

  • Knowledge of cryptocurrency could stimulate commerce. 

  • The price of "Human Capital"

  • The cost of "Money"

  • Cryptocurrency as a tool to battle the inflation of Fiat Currencies.

  • Financial Engineering for Social Change.


  • Top 20 Coins (Based on Market Share)

  • The Value of You 

  • Top 10 Coins to "watch"

  • Top 10 Careers in the Industry

  • Top 10 ways to build wealth with Cryptocurrency

  • Top risks associated with Investing in Cryptocurrency

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