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The Hip Hop Treasury is a wealth creation platform for Independent Hip Hop Entrepreneurs. Our unique group of service offerings provide the tools and resources needed to properly protect, distribute, market, and profit from hip hop content. By providing our core services and serving as the digital asset trustee and administrator for Hip Hop Stox, we are on a mission to ensure that Hip Hop Entrepreneurs have unabridged access to the executive, administrative, creative, and financial resources needed to prosper.

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If you represent a record label, media company, publishing company, or you are an independent artist who would like to better understand the benefits of establishing a Hip Hop Treasury Account, please schedule a consultation.




Y o u r   D i g i t a l   M u s i c   &   V i d e o   A s s e t s 



Included with Hip Hop Treasury Membership

Join the Hip Hop Treasury and receive wealth building services including Unlimited Copyright Registrations for your Intellectual Property Assets. All members will be capable of registering the ownership of their music (compositions & sound recordings), videos, and images. The Hip Hop Treasury will provide a certification of authentication to serve as evidence of your copyright registration. We collect all information needed to file copyright claims in every jurisdiction in the world and we provide arbitration services to all of our members who require third party representation in the event that their rights are being infringed upon.